Meet me at the following conferences, workshops, and visits:


Jan 11-13, Odense, Danmark, MODRED 2017

Feb 13-14, Pisa, Italy, METT VII - 7th Workshop on Matrix Equations and Tensor Techniques

Feb 19-23, Elgersburg, Elgersburg Workshop

Mar 06-10, Weimar, GAMM annual meeting

Apr 24-28, Berlin, Visiting the group of Volker Mehrmann

May 15-19, Graz, Austria, Workshop Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems

July 9-14, Toulouse, France, IFAC 2017 World Congress

Aug 20 - Sep 1, Benasque, Spain, 7th Partial differential equations, optimal design and numerics -- Organization of a thematic session on feedback control of PDEs

Sep 25-29, Bergen, Norway, ENUMATH 2017 -- Organization of Minisymposium M28 Model reduction methods for simulation and (optimal) control

Oct 2-23, Beijing, China, cooperation with Prof. Dawei Ding at the University of Science and Technology Beijing


Feb 07-11, Elgersburg, Elgersburg Workshop

Mar 03-4, Delft (The Netherlands), Cooperation with Manuel Baumann

Mar 07-11, Braunschweig, GAMM annual meeting, contributed talk in the Session S20 Dynamics and control.

Mar 14-18, Minneapolis, MN (USA), Workshop on Computational Methods for Control of Infinite-dimensional Systems at the IMA

May 12-13, Freiberg, Workshop des GAMM Fachausschuss Dynamik und Regelungstheorie

June 13-15, Bertinoro, Italy, 2nd IFAC Workshop on Control of Systems Governed by Partial Differential Equations

July 11-14, Berlin, 5th International Congress on Mathematical Software (ICMS)

July 18-22, Berlin, 7th European Congress of Mathematics

Sep 5 - Oct 9, Shanghai, China, research stay at 上海大学 (Shanghai University)

Sep 25-29, Shanghai, China, organization of and talk at the 2016 Sino-German Symposium Modelling, Model Reduction, and Optimization of Flows

Oct 12-14, Passau, Stability and Control of Infinite-Dimensional Systems

Nov 17-18, Renningen, KoMSO Challenge Workshop Reduced-Order Modeling for Simulation and Optimization

Nov 20-24, Oberwolfach, Oberwolfach Seminar Different Mathematical Perspectives on Description of Unresolved Scales in Multiscale Systems

Selected Talks

Space-time Galerkin POD for optimal control of Burgers' equation Talk at the MODRED 2017, Odense (2017), on joint work with Manuel Baumann and Peter Benner.

Convergence of Approximations to Riccati-based Boundary-feedback Stabilization of Laminar Flows Talk at the IFAC 2017 World Congress, Toulouse (2017), on joint work with Peter Benner.

Optimal Control Approach to Multi-Body Systems with Servo Constraints Talk at the 7ECM, Berlin (2016), on joint work with Robert Altmann.

A Guide for Good Scientific Practice in Numerical Experiments Talk at the ICMS 2016, Berlin (2016), on joint work with Jörg Fehr, Christian Himpe, and Jens Saak.

Generalized POD Space-time Galerkin Scheme for Parameter Dependent Dynamical Systems Seminar talk at the Weierstrass Institute, Berlin, on joint work with Manuel Baumann and Peter Benner (2016)

Time-dependent Dirichlet Boundary Conditions in Finite Element Discretizations Seminar talk in the group of Stefan Volkwein, Uni Konstanz (2015) on joint work with Peter Benner.

Finite Element Decompositions for Stable Time Integration of Flow Equations at the ICIAM 2015, Beijing (2015) on joint work with Robert Altmann.

Discrete Input/Output Maps and a Generalization of the Proper Orthogonal Decomposition Method at the Conference in Honor of Volker Mehrmann's 60th Birthday, Berlin (2015), on joint work with Manuel Baumann and Michael Schmidt.

The Pressure Manifold in the Unsteady Navier-Stokes Equation and in Semi-Discretizations at the GAMM annual meeting 2015, Lecce (2015).

Efficient Numerical Approximation of General Flow Stabilization Problems with Boundary Actuation at IWH Symposium Simulation and Optimization of Complex Fluids, Heidelberg (2014), on joint work with Peter Benner.

Decoupling and Optimal Control of Semi-explicit Semi-linear PDAEs of Index 2 at the GAMM annual meeting, Novi Sad (2013).

Heiland, Jan and Mehrmann, Volker (2011). Numerical Methods for PDAE Constraint Optimal Control - Differential-algebraic Riccati Decoupling.

Heiland, Jan (2011). Lqr Controller for a Descriptor System Approximating Boundary Control Systems for Dispersions in Turbulent Flows.

Heiland, Jan (2010). Boundary Control of Turbulent Flow Fields? I Try Linearizations and Flow Decompositions for Controller Design.

Heiland, Jan (2011). Steuerung von Tropfengrößenverteilungen in gerührten Flüssig/flüssig-Systemen über lineare Zustandsraummodelle.


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